On 17th February 2013, Cartha Queen's Park RFC became the 1st club in glasgow and only the 13th club in Scotland to achieve accreditation with the prestigious Positive Coaching Scotland Club Development Programme. To date (Feb 2014) only 21 clubs in Scotland have achieved this.

The PCS programme operates in association with The Bill McLaren Foundation as a partnership between sportscotland, the Winning Scotland Foundation and Scottish Rugby with the main aims of building and sustaining a strong and positive rugby culture in order to develop young rugby players and develop young people through the sport and to build and sustain strong and positive cultures in Scotland's rugby clubs.

Achieving accreditation was the responsibility of a "Working Group" within the club, comprising Coaches drawn from all sections of the club from Micros to Minis, to Midis and "Unders", to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 3Bs, and the Ladies' teams, many of whom are parents of kids playing in the Junior Section.

The working group has spent some very long hours putting in place "the framework" and to going forward as an Accredited club, we now need to spread the word within the club and let everyone knows what this means in practice.

This is an introduction and is the first in a series of communications that will hopefully reflect and determine,

 "The way we do things at Cartha Queen's Park"

and explain how we can all participate in this prestigious development.

Fuller details of the PCS Programme will be communicated shortly but in the meantime, you can download this info in leaflet form here and Scottish Rugby Union background info can be  found by clicking here

In practice, the PCS Programme has three key elements
  1. The Long Term Development of Young People both as players and individuals

  2. The recruitment, induction, development and retention of Coaches

  3. Identifying & agreeing the core values and ethos of the rugby club environment and living these values in our coaching, game day and everyday club life practices.


This will be based on the SRU's LTPD strategy. Effort and learning are championed in an environment where players have the freedom to learn from their mistakes. Please take a moment to reread the second sentence.

This will involve coaches working with each player individually, assessing their strengths in specified skills areas and devising a training plan which will seek to develop the player's all round skill set. This development is facilitated through the core educational values of the club that will become an integral part of each young person's rugby experience. These core values will also prepare our youngsters to face all the different challenges in life.


This strategy is designed to help encourage everyone involved with Cartha Queen's Park RFC to consider furthering that involvement through Coaching.

No rugby club can survive without players or without Coaches to coach them. Our coaches require the correct skills to ensure that they are equipped to coach their charges. Our new Coaching co-ordinators, working with our Development Officer, have drawn together a matrix logging the Coaching Requirements for each Age Group and Level in the club and compared them to those our coaches currently possess. We have set a "minimum requirement" for each level. The club will invest in individual coaches by identifying appropriate Key National Theme courses and either providing them through our Development Officer or by paying the required fee to enable Coaches to attend.


To support these activities, the "working group" has identified and agreed the Core Values and the Ethos that we believe captures the essence of Cartha Queen's Park.

Camaraderie- (friendship & loyalty)
Integrity - (respect & honesty)
Responsibility - (including self and personal discipline)

Commitment - (resilience and work ethic)
Social & Health wellbeing

These have been fashioned into a "Mission Statement" and we have developed and agreed a set of Policies - "The way we do things at CQP". These reflect our core values - to be adopted and applied throughout the whole club, from "Fledglings to First XV", by parents and carers, members, supporters and staff;  outlining how we  RESPECT our game and covering everything we do including how we greet visiting teams, how we respect our facilities and equipment, how we speak to coaches and officials - basically "treating others the way we want to be treated".

Our coaching philosophy is summed up as  "Coach to Enjoy, coach to include, coach to develop, coach to achieve" and aims to reflect the three PCS principles that form a solid foundation for creating the environment to support a positive rugby experience.


1. Honour our Sport (ROOTS)

2. Redefining 'Winner'

3. Filling the Emotional Tank


PCS Principles are designed to promote respect for our game and those of us in it, to encourage players, parents, supporters to see  'beyond the scoreboard' when taking part and ensuring that young people feel encouraged no matter the current level of their ability.

Learn more on PCS Principles & tools for parents - click here

Last update - sunday 9th Feb 2014

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Welcome to the PCS Section on our CarthaKids.com website. Currently, this section of the website serves to provide information to all members of Cartha Queen's Park RFC in respect of our Positive Coaching Scotland programme.

There is a simple reason for this, Stephen hasn't yet had the chance to put this information onto the main club website.


LINKS to various web based resources

Links to web based resources will appear in this section as our "Information programme" proceeds.


Click the document here to download a pdf of the info in the main panel.


PCS Info on SRU Website- Click here

Members of the CQP
PCS Working group inlcude:

Stuart Taylor
Keith Pender
John McCartney
Brodie McGregor
John Williams
Stephen Running
Karen Knox
Gillian Bryce
Andrew Lamont
Stephen McKinnon
Scott Douglas
Dan Tams
Joan Hutchison
Pat O'Neil
Gordon Miller
Tom Feasby
Dan Young

Lead Contact:
Stephen Running,
Junior Co-ordinator

Junior Coaching Co-ordinator
Brodie McGregor

LTPD Co-ordinator
Andrew Lamont

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